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Q: What grade levels does Financial Fitness For Life cover?

A: Financial Fitness For Life is a series of 10 books that cover grades K - 12. There are 4 teacher guides, 4 student activity books and 2 parent guide books.

Q: This is a great site, but I'd like more economics and personal finance lessons. Where should I go?

A: A great source of free economic and personal finance lesson plans is EconEdLink. EconEdLink has over 600 free lesson plans and over 100 free interactive tools to enhance K-12 classroom learning. Educators can also sign up for MyEconEdLink, create a profile then save and create notes for each lesson. Lessons are frequently published and updated by the Council for Economic Education.

Q: How do I buy Financial Fitness For Life?

A: You can buy these books on our online store: Financial Fitness For Life

Q: Where can I download and print visuals?

A: You may download Financial Fitness For Life visuals by navigating to, selecting the appropiate grade level from the drop-down menu, and clicking on any individual lesson page. Each lesson also has a list of online lessons that relate to the concepts being taught in the lesson.

Q: I don't want to pay full price. Are there any discounts when buying the book?

A: You can get a discount for Financial Fitness For Life and many other CEE publications by simply signing up for GATE. GATE (Global Association of Teachers of Economics) is a global membership organization sponsored by the CEE exclusively for K-12 teachers and others who are interested in economic, financial and entrepreneurship education.

Q: Can I purchase electronic versions of any of the Financial Fitness for Life publications?

A: All of the Financial Fitness For Life publications have been brought together on one application, which is available as a CD-ROM or USB Flash Drive.

Q: What does the Financial Fitness for Life CD-ROM/USB Flash Drive contain?

A: The application contains 70 lessons and 70 activities from all 8 teacher guides and student workbooks. It also contains links to access additional related lessons and standards correlations. All lessons are available in PDF format, making them easy to print or save to your computer. Their electronic format allows you to project lessons, activities and more in your classroom. The search tool allows you to search through all 70 lessons to find the exact keyword, grade level or lesson title you're looking for.

Q: What is the difference between the Financial Fitness for Life CD-ROM and USB Flash Drive?

A: The only difference between the CD-ROM and USB Flash Drive is that the flash drive has 900 MB of extra space for your personal use.

Q: Are the Financial Fitness for Life publications correlated to my state's standards?

A: Yes. Each individual lesson page contains links to view both the state and national standards that correlate with the lesson.